Are you Asking the Wrong Questions?

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How can we tell people about our new features? About our new storylines? Why we’re better/faster/cheaper than our competitors? How can we show results today?

None of these questions (all of which are asked daily in marketing departments) are about why the people you’re trying to reach might care. And it’s one of the main reasons marketing fails.

A better question to ask is, where is our Tribe struggling today and how can we help in a way no one else can?  

Deliver value this way, and the right people will come to you, ready to buy. No persuasion or bargaining needed.

Presidential Messaging Secrets

In 1992, a young Governor from Arkansas decided to run for President of the United States. Competing against a formidable incumbent, the young governor was fighting an uphill battle.

In order to break through the noise and be remembered, his now fabled campaigned strategist James Carville created three key campaign Lynchpins – ideas that the campaign would own and that people would remember:

  1. Change vs. more of the same
  2. The economy, stupid
  3. Don’t forget health care

The candidate was Bill Clinton.

Since the end of World War II, only three incumbent presidents have been unseated. And it was these three simple ideas that are widely credited with the campaign’s success.

Running the United States is a profoundly complicated endeavor, yet it was these three simple ideas that stuck.

In a world full of noise and complexity, it is the simplest ideas that shine through.

When people think about your organization – what are the three things that they remember?

What are the three things you stand for, and do better than every one else? Whatever they are, these Lynchpins – the sum total of the unique DNA of your organization – should be at the heart of all your marketing.

Don't try to explain everything. Don't try to be everything to everyone. Own a few simple (yet profound) ideas, embody them, consistently deliver value around then, and soon the market will begin to remember.

Do this over time, and you  will leave the pack and become a Market of One.

Get more tips to stand out in a noisy world. Subscribe to the Market of One Letter.